Our Story

You might suggest that Tom Bidner has honey flowing through his veins. He was an inquisitive child, and developed a passion for beekeeping at a young age by watching his father, who kept bees for pollination work. In 2016, life threw Tom a curveball when a complex leg injury forced him to reassess his career as a heavy diesel mechanic. In hindsight, the evolution into professional beekeeping seemed like a natural transition.

Starting with just 10 hives, Tom spent the next four years establishing Tommybee Apiaries (growing in time to 150 hives), selling his authentic, single origin honey at local butcher shops and cafes across the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland.

In 2020, the opportunity arose to purchase FNQ Honey– a make or break moment for a small business. Tom took a chance, and found himself with an additional 200 hives, honey packaging, beekeeping equipment and a set of brand new customers ready to enjoy his boutique, single-origin honey.

Beekeeping is now proudly Tom’s full time job, as he spends his time maintaining hives and moving them across the Tablelands and coast chasing the honey flow. He also sends a quantity of hives to help to pollinate local blueberries and avocados.

Now, Tom has his wife Chloe (an accountant turned honey-packer) by his side two days a week, as the duo operate Tommybee Apiaries together.