Based in the picturesque rolling hills of the Far North Queensland Tablelands, Tommy Bee Apiaries produce pristine raw honey sourced from 100% Australian bees and ingredients.

Direct from the beekeeper to your pantry, this premium honey may have a cloudy appearance because it remains in a pure and unprocessed state.

About our Honey

Raw honey exists in the same form which is found in the hive, making its way directly from the honeycomb to the consumer without interference from heating or processing. Raw honey contains bee pollen and bee propolis (literally the glue that holds the hive together) and is usually cloudier in colour due to the small honeycomb debris present that are too small to be filtered out and removed. ‘Regular’ honey goes through a pasteurisation process which helps to increase the shelf life and make it appear more appealing, but eliminates a large amount of the goodness that comes from raw honey.

Nutritionally, a Tablespoon (21g) of honey contains approximately 64 calories and 17 grams of natural sugars, including fructose, glucose and sucrose. Due to these  sugar levels, it’s important to minimise your intake if you suffer from high blood sugar levels. Where possible, substitute refined sugars for honey, due to the refined sugars containing 100% empty calories. Honey also contains next to no fibre, fat or protein.

Extensive studies have shown that the application of honey to burns and wounds (especially those that have become infected) can be highly effective in their healing process. Intensive studies have shown that honey has a 43.3% success rate when treating wounds (especially diabetic foot ulcers), making it a cost effective form of treatment, especially in developing countries. It is appropriate for use at all stages of wound treatment.

Honey contains antioxidants, which possess powerful healing properties and help to protect the body from inflammation. Antioxidants are present in bee pollen, so the process of removing it in the pasteurization process also eliminates many of the benefits that raw honey provides the body. Additionally, studies have shown that the benefits of bee pollen also include both antibacterial, pain healing properties and can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, demonstrating that honey really is just tasty, natural medicine.

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TommyBee products are also available to buy from local retailers around the FNQ Region. Please see our list of current stockists.

  • Yungaburra Butchery, Yungaburra
  • Coffee and Clay, Yungaburra
  • Botanica, Yungaburra
  • Together, Yungaburra
  • Frond Cafe, Lake Eacham
  • TRC Visitor Centre, Atherton
  • TRC Visitor Centre, Malanda
  • Lukure Caff, Cairns
  • Dino’s Woodfired Bakery & Europa Deli,Mareeba & Cairns
  • Post office, Mt Garnet